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March 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Blog #18 PRINT, So this week's blog falls on the heels of my first photography art show. Friend and photographer Kirill and I printed about 10 photos from our Project 365  (Blog #2 & Blog #17) and hosted an event at a lovely place called Social Room dedicated to Art/Music/People. All three were represented, I am proud to say. We held the event on a Wednesday and a Friday, from about 6:00 PM to 9:00 (later on Friday night).  There was so much to do just for a small event of this size. We printed photos 11" x 17" and mounted them in custom frames that were 12" x 18" with one inch white matting. Thankfully, Kirill ordered the frames while I ran around and secured the venue.  Invitations, posting to social media, personal invitations, framing, printing, buying hardware for mounting on the walls, arranging the drinks at the event, securing the DJ's (also friends)  were some of the tasks that we needed to arrange. There were no major issues, but of course nothing goes entirely smoothly. There was mounting hardware that needed to be purchased in the hour before the first event took place, for example. 

All in all, the show was well attended, and those in attendance heard some cool techno music, enjoyed some cold drinks, and of course, soaked in the color and black and white framed photographs that we had chosen for the event. It was an extremely rewarding and humbling experience to put our work out there for family and friends to see. We we delighted to receive many compliments and to discuss our work in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. When prints are framed and hung on the wall, they take on a different importance. They are viewed differently and a bit more seriously. Images viewed through social media are viewed for a mere seconds while photographs in a show are mounted on the wall for hours or even days. This functions to draw the viewers attention to the pieces and conversations emerge. Statements such as "Congratulations", "I like that one", and "This one is cool because..." began to fill the room and it was clear that there was a greater appreciation for the process of photography.  It's a refreshing experience to be in this type of an environment and present in this type of conversation where art is the centre piece. It was also really helpful to have shared this process with a friend. I think that it would be very intimidating to have a one person show since it was a bit unnerving to arrange this even with a friend. 

We did generate some interest in purchasing some of our works.  This was not the main goal, but I would have enjoyed not having to pack up and schlep all 10 frames back home. Social Room offered to keep some for their walls to give the pieces more exposure, and hopefully sell some moving forward. All in all, the photography show went very well and I would encourage any photographer or artist regardless of their medium to have a go at it at least once. I would definitely be keen to do another show again.  Maybe it's not your thing, but then again, you won't know until you sweat through the experience at least once.  You never know, you might just learn something, and enjoy the process. 




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