Blog #55 Back to Basics: Extreme [Extremity] Photography Part 3

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Blog #55 Back to Basics: Extreme [Extremity] Photography Part 3

The last two blog entries are titled, Extreme [Extremity] Photography Part 1 & Part 2.  The intention there was to illustrate how to make portraits of people or otherwise interesting images that included only their hands or feet [shoes].  As a photographer you are involved in an active process or decision to include or omit part of your subject.  Your decision to omit most of the subject will result in an incomplete story that leaves the viewer with the task of filling in the gaps.  

Making images involves many decisions.  There are decisions about cameras, film, lenses, exposure, aperture, where to put your feet, when to press the shutter release button, and what to include as well as exclude in the frame.

Without realising it when I set out to write Part 1 and Part 2 blog entries, I has already gathered quite a few images of people showing only their backs.  These are also challenging images and they don’t always work.  In this last of a three-part series, I offer some examples of portraits and some candid street images that include only the back of a person with little else.

Do you think that they work? Feel free to leave comments above. 

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