Blog #62 Shooting [from] A Plane

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Blog #62 Shooting (from) A Plane 

July 4th is the unofficial start of summer in the USA. In Hong Kong, 1 July is HKSAR Establishment Day.  This year, the event marked the 20th year of the infamous 1997 Handover [of Hong Kong from the British back to China (sniff!)]Big Boss Man President Xi from Beijing was in town to oversea the transition from Chief Executive CY Leung to Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s first woman Chief Executive.  There were lots of protests and rain (as usual) so venturing outside to brave the crowds and photograph the fireworks was a PASS (no thanks!) for me, this year.

However, as the regular school year and summer are ushered in by the heavy rains, my thoughts are drawn to making images now more than ever.  Summer is the time for travel.  In May I went to Denver (for my other work) and then Miami for a few days to visit my family.  Of course I wear a camera so I was happily snapping away pretty much the whole time.  In two days from now, I will start my summer travel plans with a brand new destination (for me).  That place is Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city.

Over the the next few blog posts I will reflect on travel and making images along the way.  In this blog, I will post some images that I made en route to these places, from the plane.  I usually carry my cameras, lenses, film, and gear onto the plane since the temperature and conditions are generally more hospitable for sensitive equipment compared to the freezing cold belly of the plane.  I generally request a window seat since there are really cool things like cloud formations [not to mention the earth from 35,000 feet] that I don’t get to see on a regular basis. Plus, I’m admittedly addicted to making images, so it goes.  

The images here I think work well to give a fresh perspective and pilot eye’s view of the world. 

There are those that advocate for buying experiences through travel and photography books rather than gear.  Of course you need all three ultimately but every dollar spent on travel and photography books is worth ten (or more) spent on gear.

Where are you going this summer? Will you bring a camera, smartphone? How about your imagination or photographic vision or plan? Don’t leave home with that. 

The light is always right. 



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