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Blog #43 That Crazy Monkey

December 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Blog #43 That Crazy Monkey


2016 was the Year of the Monkey according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. 

Monkeys can be quite unpredictable and even aggressive and I would describe the past year as nothing short of either. 

It was a very busy year for me and my photography.  For this week’s blog and the last one of 2016, I will highlight some of my achievements over the year. 

  • Way back in February to conclude the completion of my Project 365, fellow photographer and artist, Kirill and I had our first photography show.  It spanned across two days and I sold one piece.


  • I attended many shows over the year including the Gordon Parks Invisible Man show at the Chicago Art Institute. 


  • This and other activities led to the expansion of my collection of photography books for research and appreciation.  


  • This year marked a number of many contributions to the field and published articles across photography websites.  Most of these can be viewed here.


  • The Harbour School’s darkroom is up and running and I’m involved with teaching classes to students on shooting, developing, and printing images using 35mm and medium format film. This involves ongoing developing, printing, framing, and teaching work.  I’m also developing film at home for convenience. It’s really fast and easy.


  • Commercially, I have been quite busy as well.  I’ve shot within my parameters doing:  portraits, events such as the 500 Yards record release party with Metro Vocal Group, and food for Fugazi in Kennedy Town.


  • I’ve drafted a few photography books that I am in the process of publishing.


  • Since I carry a camera almost everyday, I shoot and share whenever possible. 


  • Of course I’ve been blogging away to you, my readers, and for that I am most thankful.

Goals for next year include four: 

  1. Learn to develop colour film using C-41 & E-6 processes
  2. Print and frame for home, office, and sales
  3. Continue various projects that I’ve started and keep three at a time active
  4. Publish book projects

Here’s to another year of making images, making friends, and making a difference.


The light is always right. 





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