Blog #59 Hanging [with] Art

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Blog #59 Hanging [with] Art

Spring is the season of art in Hong Kong.  In March there is Art Basel  which is followed shortly by the Affordable Art Fair in the month of May. These are wonderful shows that feature many types of  art from artists all over the world.  There are sculptures, paintings, drawings, and of course framed photographs of all sizes.  The pieces are affordably priced hence the name.  It’s wonderful thing to be surrounded by art, especially at home.  A recent article in the South China Morning Post described this and offered some suggestions (SCMP).

Some insightful person once said:


A room without books is like a body without a soul.

I think that the same could be said about art in the home.  After all of the talk and arguments about gear, pixel-peeping, paper weights, and printer profiles, just print and frame the damn photo! It’s an amazing thing to view a properly framed photograph on your wall.  To walk by it each morning on your way to having your coffee and on your way home from a long day of work. 

Print and frame your images for friends and family.  Give it away or sell it if you must.  All amateurs, hobbyists, and professionals should aspire to do this. 

A photograph doesn’t exist until it is printed, said, Constantine Manos 

The light is always right.




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