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Blog #72 Living the Creative Life

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Blog #72 Living the Creative Life

The creative life is definitely the road less travelled by as might be described by poet Robert Frost.  The last line his poem titled The Road Not Taken is “And that has made all the difference.”

Walking the creative path, as it were, it not easy.  Some of us are there by choice, by compulsion, or other means.  Regardless the reason, like a pious existence, is quite challenging.  Staying motivated is the name of the game and we all have our ups and downs as we ride our creative rollercoasters through life. 

In last week’s Blog on the topic of working creatively, I feel that there is more to explore and share on this complex and personal topic.  Isabella Scott in Artsy shares that our most creative years are often after 60.  Really? Why must we wait so damn long? Does anyone else simply hate to wait?

In another piece from Artsy, a project titled Art Oracles: Creative & Life Inspiration from Great Artists was described.  In this project, there are 50 cards each of which shows a famous artist and contains some words of wisdom that summarise their artist approach, philosophy of life.  These cards are entertaining but were also created to assist with creative block.  Like writer’s block  photographers and other creatives can get stuck, uninspired, or simple lose their drive to make art. 

Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work”,

said brilliant and successful artist and photographer Chuck Close. Most of his work has been done through his being in a wheel-chair, mind you. 

I guess that there is no formula for success since we all have different backgrounds and paths ahead that we must travel.  If we must work and create, then we must.  If we cannot, then we cannot, or we must wait.  Each of us must find our own ways to keep the creativity train on the tracks. Patience, persistence, and the need to create art must all be present for novel work to result.  

I hear the echoes of the toy fixer guy from the original Toy Story Movie “You can’t rush ART!” 


Remember, the light is always right. 




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