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Blog #76 Shoot What You Know

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Blog #76 Shoot What You Know

Photography blogs and blogs talk a lot about projects and series. In fact, I have written about this some time ago in Blog #6 and Blog #16 on the topic of a Project 365.  In most of these tutorials, the message is clear, 

Make a Series, Do a Project, It’s a good for you!”. 

Projects and series are helpful because they provide an artist with focus. Projects and series usually have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Some tell stories.  We all need closure from time to time. When one project or series is done, we are free [in a manner of speaking] to direct our creative attention elsewhere.  

Some projects or series take years and most artists, I would expect are working on more than one at a time.  A project or series can be a simple collection of related images but its strength will improve dramatically if you tie it to a story or a theme.  

Ask yourself, “What is it that I am trying to say through this project or series?”

As to the content of the project or series, there are infinite possibilities.  As a good and possibly safe place to start, you can shoot what you know. 

Everyone has a unique history. Maybe you are a car nut, or animal lover, or you enjoy gardening.  Did you used to love football when you were younger and have been itching to get back into the sport?  Everyone has a hobby or passion.  If you do not have at least one, you need one and fast. 

Ok, so if you’re reading this you are likely passionate about photography, point taken.  What else interests you? cooking? the beach? Find that thing, and make images of it.  

Your passion for a subject or activity will give you a unique perspective that most of us will not have.  Plus, your natural interest in the subject will motivate you to make pictures until a project or series emerges.  

For example, after a long week of work, I like to go out to a bar or club and hear some live DJ music.  I enjoy a drink or two [not too much] and talk with friends, some of whom I see from week to week.  We catch up on our lives, unwind, and reboot for the coming work week.  I have found this experience has allowed me a unique vantage for some fun and interesting image making.  

The images here were made around town in bars and clubs like I’m describing here. What are your passions and interests beyond photography? 


Comments are welcome. 

Remember, the light is always right. 



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