Blog #64 Summer is for More Travel (Miami)

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Blog #64 Summer is for More Travel (Miami)

In the second of a series of three blog posts on travel.  The previous post was about travel with the intention of giving you some food for thought on how to approach making images while travelling.  Looking from the outside in can only reveal so much. As travellers we have some natural limitations that we need to try to overcome in order to capture the essence of a place. Meeting people and experiencing places that are off the beaten path can reveal more about a place than the typical tourist might see.  

In my case, on a recent visit to Miami, I stayed with family and was able to shoot some images of nature at my brother’s house that most people would never get to see.  These, I have posted in black and white along with some color images from around town that I thought worked for various reasons. Travel is great and travelling with a camera gives a new vantage point for the traveller. 

For the record, I did ask permission of the cigar store owner to make his portrait.  I chatted with him for a bit and learned that his son was also a photographer working in New York.  He was a nice guy and if you’re ever on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, check him out. The smokes are primo! I would also highly recommend the NSU Art Museum and Boca Raton's Art Museum as well. 

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