Jeremy H. Greenberg | Blog #68 Photography is a Gift

Blog #68 Photography is a Gift

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Blog #68 Photography is a Gift


I think photography is one of the greatest gifts. The camera is a technological marvel that is really a miracle.  Arthur C. Clarke said,


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

Indeed, when you expose photosensitive paper in the darkroom under the enlarger for a few seconds, then dunk it into a tray with developer, about eight seconds later an image appears before you. This is science, of course, but it still seems like magic each and every time. Amazing! 

Now that we ALL have cameras (including small children) and we collectively upload something to the tune of 2 billion (that’s 1000 million X 2) images daily, we have plenty of pictures to keep us busy for many lifetimes and even earth times.  Is it too much? No it is not. I take comfort in this fact since there are an infinite number of image possibilities.  From that point of view, we’re barely scratching the surface. 

The current SnapGramTwitFace culture that we live in is lightyears from Gutenberg’s printing press from 1440.  

Sharing is caring or so it goes. 

Images come in many forms and sizes. Share through social media, print a book, print a zine, print on paper, print and frame then give it away.  Original art or portraiture is always appreciated when received. Sure there are rules such as don’t post more than one image on Instagram per day.  That’s probably a reasonable suggestion. Take into consideration that if someone has one 100 + that they are following and everyone posts one image per day, that’s a tall task to look at 100 images from one single social media site only. You get the picture! 

The point here is to share images that are significant with the people in your life. They will appreciate it and you’ll be glad you did.  Good photos do nothing sitting in your hard drive as a series of zeros and ones. Bring your art into the real world and the world will be better for it. 


Be great, and remember, the light is always right. 




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