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Blog #89 Branding

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Blog #89 Branding

Back in the day, a photographer simply needed to make images, and give them to a newspaper or magazine to get published and to get paid. They ran around with a rock-solid SLR, a few lenses, and of course lots and lots of film.  

Social media, the internet, and even Photoshop did not exist [although images were edited frequently in the darkroom].  Life was analogue.  Analogue is usually equated with slow-paced, and for good reason. 

Nikon D610

Today, to get your work out there, you need to know fundamentals about business, social media, marketing, and branding. In fact, professionals spend most of their time dealing with these activities and shooting will actually be a smaller part of what they do.  

Do you want to be a professional photographer?  If you love taking pictures, proceed with caution.  You can have a full time gig and still shoot, anywhere, anytime, and on your own terms. The stereotype of the pro being flown to exotic locations with a gaggle of assistants, 5-6 digit pay checks, and a Leica for each day of the week is pretty much a pipe dream

These days, professional photographers need to learn to market their “brand”.  A brand is a look or style that a photographer uses when presenting their work.  A brand can be viewed as an asset or something unique and valuable to that photographer.  Branding “experts” will encourage you to:


  1. Know Your Audience and deliver content to that audience that is consistent. 
  2. Define your own brand in the world or the world will define your brand for you.
  3. Be Consistent!
  4. Stay True To Your Brand

Nikon D610

So what does all of this really mean? Well, it depends on your professional goals and aspirations.  If you’re expecting to “go pro” then you need to take a deep dive into the rabbit hole of branding. If you’re content shooting here and there, on holiday, and weekends, then so be it.  Amateurs do what they do for the pure joy and love of the craft.  Whatever you decide, you should enjoy the process.  Either way, best of luck in 2018! 

The light is always right. 


**Images in this blog are mine from an original series on Intimicy in the City"**

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